Performance Evaluation Samples

Sunset Lab Performance Evaluation Samples (PES) are quartz filters with carbonaceous aerosol deposits prepared under controlled laboratory conditions with analytical grade materials and methods. Integrating PES filters into QA/QC practices will provide carbonaceous aerosol instrument laboratories with a simple and precise tool for evaluating carbon analyzer performance and the validation of Organic, Elemental and Total Carbon (OCEC) results.

The PES filters provide excellent repeatability across the entire deposit area, as well as eproducibility among properly calibrated OCEC instruments. A wide range of Organic and Elemental Carbon concentrations is available to meet the needs of every user.

A Certificate of Analysis is provided for every PES filter and the customer will select their protocol of choice, such as NIOSH870, EUSAAR2 or IMPROVE A.


  • OCEC Analyser
  • Performance Test
  • QA/QC routines
  • Maintenance
  • Troubleshooting
  • Intercomparisons

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